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Fully immersive

The user will experience a realistic fire, hear the smoke alarm go off, feel the stress of choosing the right extinguisher agent and then use the physical extinguisher to put out the fire in VR.

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Combining physical and virtual reality

A real fire extinguisher is integrated into the solution which means the user must use the extinguisher nozzle to aim and press the extinguisher handle to release the agent, in order to put out the fire in VR.

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Realistic environments

Various highly immersive and 3D surroundings that engage the user in a realistic fire scenario.

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Fire Simulation

Using a voxel based physics system, fire spreads realistically in different materials and reacts naturally to different fire agents.

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This combination of physical equipment and immersive software makes it possible to train multiple fire scenarios within minutes.

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Performance Analytics

Analytics that measure the users training performance in each fire scenario, how much the fire spread, how much of the extinguisher was used and how much smoke the user inhales.

The Application

The VR Fire Trainer realistically simulates both the behaviour and responses of each fire type, smoke formation, extinguisher agents, and smoke alarm in a firefighting scenario for an accurate virtual training experience.


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With the VR Fire Trainer you will learn to operate a real extinguisher while training in Virtual Reality. Every time before putting out the fire, you will need to remove the safety pin and press the upper handle to discharge the extinguishing agent in VR. The extinguisher is connected to your headset and two controllers that will track it’s position, so you can see it in VR during your training.

Details kit

Ideal for educational purposes

It’s easy to make group training interactive and engaging for everyone in the room. You can respond to learners’ actions, give live feedback and solve problems together while streaming their performance to a device.


Are you ready to take your fire emergency training to the next level?

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The VR Fire Trainer is an easy-to-use all-mobile digital training solution that delivers accurate fire safety training. Fight fires in different high-quality, fully immersive environments.

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