Vobling delivers fire safety worldwide<!-- --> | <!-- -->VR Fire Trainer

Vobling delivers fire safety worldwide

Vobling delivers fire safety worldwide

We are on a mission to fireproof the world. We are also proud friends of HTC VIVE and thank you for helping spread the word about safe, sustainable, and accessible fire training! If you have 5 minutes, I think you should read the case story they have written about us: https://business.vive.com/eu/stories/vobling-delivers-fire-safety-worldwide-with-vr-fire-training-and-the-vive-focus-3/

"Students can easily swap between different fire types and use different fire extinguisher agents," explains Amanda. "They can try and try the scenario until they feel absolutely confident they how to handle any fire in real life. It's an easy way to train the brain to react in stressful situations, and it's easy for trainers to see what students need to do to improve."

Features such as simulation of environments, fire spread, smoke development, and material flammability enable an unprecedented level of reality in VR. The ability to use a real extinguisher that is simulated in VR further emphasizes immersion in the training. "The real extinguisher has a Bluetooth module that lets it connect to the VIVE Focus 3 headset, so it has a real weight and feels a real part of the virtual environment," says Amanda.

Very excited about what the future of XR has to bring! Imagine putting out virtual fires in your own kitchen!

Are you ready to take your fire emergency training to the next level?

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