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Vobling and Dafo partnership

Vobling and Dafo partnership

Dafo, leading fire safety company in Scandinavia, entered a strategic partnership with Vobling, to become the first distributor of the XR agency's mobile, easy-to-use off-the-shelf package - the VR Fire Trainer.

"We are pleased to have found a strong partner to develop our digital training concept. The VR Fire Trainer is an excellent complement to our teacher-led and web-based training. Realistic environments and scenarios are shaped based on customers' activities, and users' experiences are often enhanced compared to practical extinguishing exercises. The feeling of different extinguishing agents is also a significant feature. VR is a great tool for when it’s challenging to gather larger groups or set aside time for teacher-led training," says Thomas Sparring, CEO, Dafo Brand AB.

In the reseller agreement, Dafo will mainly target organizations in Sweden in need of safe and readily accessible virtual reality fire emergency training.

Read the press release here. https://news.cision.com/bublar-group-ab--publ-/r/bublar-group-partners-with-dafo-for-off-the-shelf-fire-emergency-training-in-virtual-reality,c3132054

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