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Fight fires without fire

Deliver safe, realistic, and accessible fire safety training anywhere, with just a few clicks.

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The VR Fire Trainer is an easy-to-use stand-alone digital training solution that simulates various fire training scenarios, fully integrated with a real fire extinguisher for an accurate training experience.



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Extinguishing Fires Using VR, Better Than Reality

At Vobling, you can practice extinguishing fires without actual fires – all through a pair of VR glasses. We speak with VR expert Amanda Bengtsson about VR as an educational tool.


Key Values and Benefits

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Our digital solution does not require any release of fire extinguishing agent. The VR Fire Trainer is a sustainable option for practical training without any harmful impact on the environment or human health.

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You can practice your skills in The VR Fire Trainer regardless of weather conditions, time or location. This type of training reduces operational costs and is easy to set up.

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Training with the VR Fire Trainer is absolutely safe. It allows trainees to practice in realistic virtual environments without facing a real danger and being exposed to toxic chemicals.

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Learning quality

Learn to operate different types of fire extinguisher agents on different types of fires in various environments. You can retry until you know how to handle a fire while sharing your experience with other trainees.

Our Customers


The level of learning is high, costs have been reduced substantially, it’s safe and the realism of training in the application is fantastic. We have also managed to attract new clients by showcasing the VR Fire Trainer.

Ole Jonny Haugen,

Head of Development at

Norwegian Railway Operator, Vy.

Are you ready to take your fire emergency training to the next level?

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